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Ensuring your property is properly cared for is essential in preserving its value for re-sale or renting; you will attract the type of tenant that the presentation of the property shows. This is why consistent maintenance is sure to repay itself in the form of high quality tenants and preserved property values; the better you look after your investment now, the better it will look after you in the future.

Though maintaining your property may seem time consuming and costly, regular property maintenance actually reduces the time spent keeping your property in good condition. Simple, straightforward repairs are much quicker to plan and carry out than the complicated repairs that they can develop into if ignored.

Property Maintenance Services

At Barry Property Management, we have 25 years of experience managing and maintaining commercial and residential properties in Kingston and the surrounding area. Part of our competitive advantage is the ability to provide timely and professionally-executed repairs and ongoing maintenance to your property, using our very own in-house team of skilled trade personnel in Kingston and Napanee, Ontario.


Repairs to plumbing/ electrical, Painting and unit clean up, waste removal, cleaning, and more!



Snow removal/lawn care, repairs to exterior areas, seasonal property checks, balcony repair, and more!

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A key factor in managing any  property is understanding the importance of required and preventative maintenance. Like most investments, properties are a valuable asset and should be checked and managed regularly, including routine required and preventative maintenance; emergencies should not be the only motivation for building maintenance.

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