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Barry Property Management has built its reputation as a reliable construction contractors in Kingston, Napanee, and Ganonoque, offering spectacular services to its clients. Working across Kingston, Napanee, Ganonoque, and the surrounding areas, Barry Property Management have developed an enviable reputation for the delivery of superior quality projects and service.  As our regional presence continues to grow and strengthen, our team has developed working partnerships and with our customers, other service providers, consultants, and local authorities that are built to last.

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Whether you’re looking to convert an old garage, add a floor space to your home, or are even looking to integrate an extension on to your current house, then we can certainly help. At Barry Property Management we offer a complete service from start to finish to help you get that project completed


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One of the most crucial things to understand concerning the value of your home is the importance of repairing your roof. If you cannot realize the importance of roof repair, you could be ignoring the basic fundamentals of keeping your home in top shape. You can maximize not only the value of your home, but the efficiency and design of your home by performing regular roof inspections and replacements

Regular roof inspection and maintenance is an important part of maintaining your  roof’s quality. Hiring a professional roofing contractor to perform a proper inspection is the best step towards maintaining your roof. Although most roofing materials are very durable, Canadian winter weather and spring storms can wreak havoc on the top of your home and can deteriorate the materials faster than many may realize. This adds to the importance of repairing your roof in a timely manner. Ensuring proper maintenance will also extend the life of your roof, effectively lowering the cost of that roof over time.

Replacing a shingle can be difficult and dangerous work, why not use a local professional company, such as Barry Property Management. The importance of repairing your roof doesn’t require endangering your life, using Barry Property Management will make life easier while verifying that it’s the correct size and number of shingles that are installed.

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With experience of building in a variety of different sectors, Barry Property Management has the capacity and capability of providing services of the highest quality. Barry Property Management provides a wealth of experience, knowledge and value for money when it comes to delivering projects to the clients. 

Time and time again, Barry Property Management is able to cater to a variety of needs, adopting innovative and the latest methods of construction; from traditional building methods to contemporary construction techniques. From the designing process to the build, Barry Property Management offers a tailor made package for a cost effective investment. Our well-resourced and experienced staff can offer you complete assistance, ensuring all the work is completed well within the budget and the set time frame.

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