As specialists in our field, we understand how to manage and maintain your property for optimum performance  helping to maximize the return on your investment; whether it is your own home, a rental, or commercial property. At Barry Property Management  we pride ourselves on being one of in Kingston and Napanee, Ontario’s most professional and client focused property management firms. With extensive experience in the renting, managing and construction market, you can rely on us to protect and build your investment. Our reputation for handling rental properties on behalf of private landlords has established us as leaders in the marketplace. Our meticulous attention to detail, going the extra mile as a minimum standard, ensures that you get the most value out of your investment in Kingston and Napanee, Ontario.

As an investor, your responsibilities as a landlord can be daunting. It is crucial that your property is well looked after and maintained in order to maximize its market potential and ultimately protect your investment and future tenancy. At Barry Property Management, we have 25 years of experience managing and maintaining commercial and residential properties in Kingston and the surrounding area.

Does Your Property Have Rental Potential?

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Tenant selection is an important key to success. With our effective tenant selection process, we find reliable and trustworthy tenants whose renting needs align with your investment property. Once we find a great tenant for your property, we handle all interactions to ensure they remain happy in their new home. From collecting payments to addressing maintenance requests, we provide excellent service that will have tenants re-signing their lease year after year.

Once a property is tenanted this is when day to day property management services kicks in:

  • This includes yearly or seasonal inspections and proactive maintenance
  • Emergency repairs and ongoing maintenance
  • Rent collection and management of monies
  • Most importantly nourish the relationship with the tenants at a high level this is what is covered by residential property management services.

Property Management Services

Our philosophy is to help preserve and increase the value of your investment property. We encourage preventive maintenance to eliminate the effects of deferred maintenance on the value of your property. We keep you informed of the maintenance needs of your property. Large projects and other capital expenditures will only proceed with your consent. Copies of invoices are included with your monthly statement for standard maintenance items. We will sweat the small stuff for you – you won’t be bothered with minor issues. Barry Property Management will care for your property as if it was their own.
  • Meet with owner to design a marketing program directed to their goals for rental property.
  • Make property “rent ready”.
  • Determine current rental value.
  • Start aggressive marketing program.
  • Place signage on property.
  • Expose property to many potential tenants.
  • Pursue all leads and inquires.
  • Be available for showings, including weekends.
  • Offer rental service to tenants.
Move in Tenants
  • Prepare all rental and tenancy agreements.
  • Instruct tenant to pay rent on time and take care of property.
  • Collect first and last month’s rent.
Maintain Property
  • Provide fast and economical repairs including painting, window coverings, new carpet, carpet cleaning, etc.
  • Use contractors of good reputation at favorable rates.
  • Arrange for any necessary services.
  • Design a maintenance schedule for your property
Computerized Accounting
  • Monthly itemized statements will be sent to owner showing all income and expenses.
  • Since the monthly statement is prepared in QuickBooks, it can be passed directly on to your accountant in electronic format to facilitate preparing your annual income taxes.
  • This reporting system will keep you informed on the current operation of your rental property.
Screen Applicants
  • Thorough review of tenants’ rental and credit history.
  • Verification of current employment and income.
  • Contact previous landlords to verify payment history and care of property.
Collect Rental Income
  • Serve notices when rent is 10 days in arrears.
  • Start action if rent is not paid.
Pay Bills
  • We will pay all recurring monthly expenses on your property such as mortgages, taxes, insurance, and property services such as utilities.
Property Inspections
  • Periodic inspections of all properties are made to assure tenants are maintaining and adhering to the terms of the rental agreement.

Legal Services

Our licensed paralegals are able to provide representation to clients at tribunals and in the lower courts, such as small claims court. They can also appear before a judge t argue on behalf of a client for minor offences that have a conviction period of six months or less.

We have extensive experience with LTB issues and excellent negotiation skills to secure the best outcome for you. You won’t get your money back by doing nothing. Our company will offer assistance and support throughout the legal process from filing the application to attending the hearing to enforcing an order.

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