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February 25, 2016

Balcony Restoration

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Repairs to balcony systems can improve the safety and breathe new life into the overall aesthetics of a building façade.

After years of abuse from snow, ice, water, debris, wear and tear, and a variety of other elements, the condition of your concrete balconies may be drastically affected. Barry Property Management can assist you in identifying the potential need for repairs through an assessment of the concrete deterioration, any railing support corrosion, cracking, and delamination. If the delamination is isolated to just one spot, it might not affect the performance of a concrete slab. If it’s widespread, then you have a more serious problem that should be addressed.

Barry Property Management works with you during your balcony restoration project to assess the severity of the situation, what kind of investment would be required to complete the project, and ensuring that everything is performed to the highest standards, as well as meeting all necessary building and safety requirements.

After proper removal of unsound concrete, any corroded or deteriorated support structures such as rebar are replaced or cleaned, and finally coated with an anti-oxidizing agent. Fresh concrete surfaces will result in an attractive final final with an exposed-aggregate appearance. You also have the option of applying a waterproofing agent to the prepared roughened surface to seal the concrete from water and ice, as well as provide a non-slip surface for tenants. Keeping balconies and walkways completely waterproof is essential in preserving and protecting the materials that they are constructed from. Any moisture penetration will cause structural defects to the surface and supports regardless of the materials used and will also become a safety hazard in the future.


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