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Hiring a roofing contractor shouldn’t have to be difficult. Regular roof inspection and maintenance is an important part of maintaining your  roof’s quality.


Services for both Residential and Commercial clients available,  BPM Plumbing has the knowledge and resources to get the job done.


From a renovation to full blown new development, BPM has the resources and know how to make your dream project into a reality.


It doesn’t matter if it is your own home, one of your investment properties, or a business, BPM offers a variety of maintenance services to suit your needs.


Whether you are looking at investing in rental properties or already area a well established landlord, BPM can add value to your investment.

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Tips for Reaching that Savings Goal!

In my last blog, I discussed strategies for preparing to meet a financial goal.  This consisted of first clearly defining SMART features for your goal, then smoothing cash flow and automating the saving process to ensure the maximum likelihood of success. Once your goal of Renting or Buying has been set, your budget and cash

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Barry Property Management Now Offers Plumbing Services

BPM Plumbing offers a number of maintenance, repair, and new installation services to property owners, organizations, landlords, property management firms, and construction businesses. We offer specialized rates for all property management firms, landlords, organizations, and construction companies. Below is a small list of our most commonly requested services in the Kingston area.   24/hr Emergency

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Saving for Your Living Space

For the first of what should prove to be many useful blog entries, a proper introduction is in order but I will reserve that for the end of this submission. The topic today is achieving the goal of saving for a living space, be it rental of an apartment or house, or purchasing your own

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What Our Clients Say

"I rented from Barry property management and don't have a single negative thing to say about them from the first night I moved into my apartment they were there with anything I needed help with or fixed. My first night in the apt above had a water leak which in turn collapsed my bathroom ceiling I called Michelle and she was there with her repair team and had the cleaned and fixed up and hole ceiling repaired and painted in under 3 hours ... Any questions I ever had she was amazing and answered to where I could understand the terms she used. I would recommend Barry property management to anyone and everyone out there. When I needed out of my place she went above and beyond to get me into a new place and made sure everything was ready to move in. AMAZING COMPANY WOULD NEVER GO ANYWHERE ELSE!"

I Rented From Barry Property Management

( Kirsten Brunke (tenant) )

I took over a 12 unit apartment building in Kingston, Ontario in 2004 as my parents suffered from dementia, I did my best to run it from Ottawa but it was simply impossible. By the time I found Barry Property Management, the tenants had "Property Standards" on speed dial and the fire department was clearly unhappy with my attempts to keep the property up to the standards they expected. Additionally, my supervisor was allowing friends to live rent free if they needed to and only occasionally reporting missed payments until I asked for the money. Everything had to change and the location was a well-known problem part of the city. Luckily a friend suggested Barry Property Management. Within 3 months, my supervisor and the most troublesome tenants were gone. The Fire department was happy and Property Standards never returned. Over the first year, stable tenants were found and renovations were done in a professional and expedient manner. Things were so stable that I considered keeping the building after my folks passed away and purchasing the apartment building from the rest of the family. I recovered every cent put into it over the last three years. In the end I moved out of the rental business. I’m still not sure that was such a good idea but I know I would still be employing Barry Property Management if I had continued as a Landlord and highly recommend them to anyone else.

Barry Property Management saved my building and gave it real value.

( Jim L Wright, J.L. Wright Consulting Ltd. (landlord) )

I would recommend Barry Property Management because of their high level of skill. This skill has been developed by their many years of dedication to precisely mould their company to fit the needs of the clientele. With precise attention to detail in customer interactions and by offering new and creative ideas to help uniquely add a little of B.P.M to every project they touch!!! B.P.M is great for first time projects!

I would recommend Barry Property Management

( Kaeli B. (contracting client) )

Barry Property Management is great! I would recommend to anyone. Michelle really is fantastic.

Barry Property Management is great!

( Carlie S. (tenant) )